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What baits fish prefer

Without questioning the selection and preparation-preparing every bait is the main piece for those who fish with bait. But what are the baits categories and what baits for each type of fish? Baits are divided into two major categories of live and artificial (dummies). More detail:


With the help of technology, the market now has models and fish that are too close to the picture with the real ones. Possibly at times and depending on the weather conditions are more preferred than live. For example, in some cases the water is cloudy, the models become more distinctly than live. Also, the vibrations generated by the models is clearer, easily perceived by the fish hunting instinct.


The category of live bait is a huge category is divided into five subcategories: worms, shellfish, crustaceans, and psarodolia asprodolia.


  • Wild: It is suitable for long lines because of their hardness and prefer white seabream.
  • Mana: The worm has the particularity to glow at night and prefer bream, breams, beetles, sedges etc.
  • Monodoli: The white color that baited whole and the ability to glow in a rank of the most commercial baits in the Mediterranean. They prefer bream, bream, white seabream, bream.
  • Black: Obviously got its name from its color and maintenance is unforgotten. They prefer grumble, sedges, khans, lips.
  • Pharaoh: The most expensive bait from the class of worms because of its many advantages. Is hard meat, glow, movements that make up the hook is spasmodic and blood is very attractive. Suitable for octopus, sterile, grouper, groupers, etc.
  • Acrobat: Keep alive for 15 days and is available in most places selling fishing supplies.
  • Red: He wants attention to placement on the rod and for this reason is used in vertical mode.


  • Petalida: The fierce meat allows it to be used in all techniques.
  • Purpura: Ideal for longline prefer bream, bass, Skorpidi.
  • Tube: Is white and tender meat and is found alive or frozen.
  • Saddle: Is white meat and shape differs from other shellfish.
  • Snail: Considered quick solution for those who fish in the rocks as there is a large number.


  • Shrimp: Ideal bait for those who fish from a boat (especially when they are alive) and prefer sea bass, octopus, etc.
  • Karavidaki: Is soft meat to be baited correctly and with care. They prefer bream, bream, white seabream, khans.
  • Crab: Is soft meat and prefer the fishermen chasing big bream and octopus.


  • Sardine: baited fresh and is very effective for large fish such as groupers, snappers, grouper.
  • Anchovy: Ideal for long lines and deemed appropriate for billfishes, Bali, snappers.
  • Mackerel: Ideal for long lines and suitable for the foam fish, tuna, swordfish, etc.


  • Squid: The meat is white and soft and used cut into strips.
  • Short fin: It differs from the squid as to the hardness of the meat and for this reason used on longlines.

MUSKY: baited around in long lines with thicker lines as attracts large fish such as groupers, conger, moray eels, grouper.